10 interesting facts about wine

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  1. It is proved that wine production began in Georgia 8 millennia ago
  2. There exist 2500 grape varieties and 500 out of these belongs to Georgia
  3. There are only three technologies for the production of wine. Kakhetian, European and
    Racha-Lechkhumi technology
  4. For making wine, they use Kvevri - a large wine-jar that is buried in the ground.
    the most ideal temperature for wine to age.
  5. UNESCO has recognized the Qvevri as a cultural heritage.
  6. Many people think: the older the wine, the more unique it is.
    However, no! There are wine varieties in
    Georgia that lose their exquisite taste over time
  7. In addition to Red and White wines, there are Rosé, Orange, Black and
    Green wines in Georgia.
  8. The most useful is red wine, as it increases hemoglobin.
  9. Every grape juice is colorless. Grape Skin gives the color to the wine.
  10. The most expensive wine is Usakhelauri, as it is made from the rarest grape variety.
    Usakhelauri translated from Georgian means "Nameless"


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