How wine is made in Georgia

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There are three technologies for making Georgian wine. In that term, Georgian wine is
very different from the European wine.

  • Kakhetian technology fermentation of wort with pulp.
    Fermentation of grape juice along with seeds and twigs,
    which gives the drink aroma, extract and harmonious taste.
  • European technology fermentation of wort without pulp. Here, only juice without pulp, seeds and twigs plays an important role.
    Fermentation of the juice is infused without pomace and is made at a low temperature.
    The lower the temperature, the better the quality of the wine.
  • Racha-Lechkhum technology natural semi-sweet wines.
    Wine making begins with the harvest of grapes during the period of its increased sugar content.
    Further processing takes place at the lowest temperature for wine, since the Racha-Lechkhum climate is cooler than in Kakheti.
    Sugar is eaten by yeast and therefore the wine is semi-sweet with a delicate taste.


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