Tomato and Cucumber Salad - Tomato, cucumber, sunflower oil and herbs.

Salad - cucumber, tomato, Kakhetian oil, onion, walnut and basil.

Charkhali - Boiled beets, red onions, garlic, pepper, cilantro, salt, spices with tkemali sauce (lingonberry-cranberry), wine vinegar, sweet Pekmez on each row.

Charkhali in mayonnaise - beets, garlic, suneli kharcho, red pepper, mayonnaise, salt.

Chikhirtma chicken soup that contains meat, herbs, eggs, flour and vinegar.

Khachapuri Imeruli - a cake with cheese and butter inside

Khachapuri Megruli - a flat cake with cheese and butter inside and outside

Adjarian Khachapuri a boat-shaped flatbread containing cheese, egg and butter.

Lobiani - a pie made from boiled beans.

Chvishtari - Cornbreads with cheese inside. Served with sauce.

Mchadi from the oven - Georgian tortillas made from cornmeal from the oven.

Mchadi on ketsi - Georgian tortillas made from corn flour on clay ketsi in the oven.

Gomi a uniform consistency corn porridge with melted Suluguni cheese.

Eggplant in Garlic Sauce - Eggplant, Garlic, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Suneli, Walnut.

Eggplants - Eggplant rolls containing cheese and walnuts.

Eggplant in Mayonnaise- Eggplant, garlic, onions, mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Ispanakhi - The same Pkhali from stewed finely chopped vegetables, tops and herbs, which are seasoned with nut butter. But in addition there is spinach.

Pkhali red - beets, walnuts, onions, garlic, utskho suneli, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Pkhali vegetable - Spinach, cabbage, beets, walnuts, garlic, cilantro, hot red peppers, pomegranate seeds, wine vinegar, spicy herbs, salt.

Pkhali with Onions - Boiled green onions, walnuts, garlic, cilantro, salt and pepper.

Pkhali with Carrots - Contains Carrots, Nuts, Cilantro, Garlic, Coriander, Pepper and Salt.

Pkhali with Cabbage - Contains Deciduous Cabbage, Garlic, Walnut, Svan and Salt.

Ekala - Fresh Zimbilak, Walnut, Garlic, Onion, Wine Vinegar, Cilantro, Suneli Hops, Red Pepper And Salt.

Lobio A dish of boiled beans with onions and herbs in a clay pot.

Olives - are pitted.

Mtsvadi - Georgian shish kebab, served with onions, tkemali plum sauce or tomato satsebeli.

Khinkali - meat with herbs in dough, cooked exclusively with beef and pork meat.

Dolma - rice and meat mass, wrapped in a cabbage leaf. Beef and pork meat.

Chakapuli - a stew with herbs and spices. Lamb is used as meat, in addition - sour plums, cilantro, tarragon, white wine.

Mushrooms on ketsi with Suluguni - mushrooms fried in a special clay pan, seasoned with pepper.

Mushrooms with vegetables - Olive oil, Pkhali, Garlic, Black pepper, onion, Cherry tomato, Cheese, salt placed on a porcini mushroom

Khashlama - beef, onion, garlic, bay leaf. Water, black peppercorns, dill, salt.

Young potatoes with dill - Onions, dill, butter, boiled potatoes, vegetable oil, black pepper. Green onions.

Potatoes - fried with tkemali sauce.

Meat Pancakes - Beef, boiled rice, dry coriander, cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper wrapped in a pancake.

Roast suckling pig - Roasted pig with pepper, garlic, cilantro, dill, parsley, lettuce, basil.

Megrelian beef Kuchmachi - Beef heart, liver and lungs, onion, pomegranate, cilantro, butter, suneli hops, pepper, garlic, salt.

Chicken Kuchmachi - chicken liver and stomachs, garlic, vinegar, dry seasoning, dried coriander, salt, pepper, onion, pomegranate, yellow flower, coriander.

Chicken in Garlic Sauce - Garlic, Chicken fillet, sour cream, vegetable oil, water, salt and ground black pepper.

Ostri - Beef stew in a spicy sauce with pickles, garlic, basil, spices.

Chicken in blackberry sauce - Chicken (thighs, legs, breasts), blackberries, coriander, utskho-suneli, Garlic, Hot red pepper, Black pepper, coarse salt.

Chkmeruli tender chicken with creamy garlic sauce, cooked on ketsi.

Bell pepper with walnuts - red bell pepper, walnuts, utskho suneli, dry coriander, ground red pepper, bay leaf, dried calendula, garlic, wine vinegar, vegetable oil, salt and black pepper.

Kuchmachi Imeretian (cold) - pork or cow liver, walnut, Kinza, Coriander, Utskho suneli, Red pepper. Garlic, Vinegar, Grapes, Onions, Oil and Salt.

Racha ham - Smoked pork meat.

Baje is a sauce made from a mixture of walnuts, spices and garlic.

Tkemali - Prepared from the eponymous tkemali (cherry plum) plums, various spices, herbs and garlic.

Satsebela sauce - Contains: tomatoes, bell peppers and spices.

Churchkhela - is a dessert in the form of a string of nuts in thick caramelized grape syrup

Pelamushi the same Tatara, Georgian pudding, which is made from grape juice and corn flour.

Assorted Pkhali - A variety of a side dish containing vegetables that are finely chopped and boiled. Pkhali is dressed with a spicy sauce made from walnuts, hot peppers, garlic, cilantro, onions, hops-suneli, salt and wine vinegar.

Pickled assorted - pickled vegetables: Cauliflower, different colored bell peppers, carrots, celery stalks, Jonjoli.

Assorted Greens - Pepper, Green Onions, Radishes, Parsley, Tomatoes, Cucumbers.

Assorted nuts - Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Peanuts.

Cheese plate - Suluguni, shebolili, Imeretian, milk chechil, smoked chechil.

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